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Fishing Permits and Contacts for the Suir

River Suir Fishing Permits & Contacts 

New Bridge to Cahir

The Aherlow Angling Club – Kevin Rowe +353 (0) 87 6409271
Cahir and District Angling Club , The Heritage, The Square, Cahir +353 (0) 52 7442370

Swiss Cottage to Ardfinnan

Cahir and District Angling Club , The Heritage, The Square, Cahir +353 (0) 52 7442370
Kevin Rowe +353 (0) 87 6409271
Kilmaneen Farmhouse – Suir & Tar Fishery – Kevin O’Donnell +353 (0)86 354 1700
Ardfinnan Anglers – John Maher +353 (0) 52 66242
Shamrock Lodge permits may be obtained at the lodge

Instructor & Angling Services

Fishhunt – Philip Maher +353 (0)87 8399345
Clonanav – Andrew Ryan +353 (0) 52 6136765

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Fishing the Suir – Swiss Cottage to Ardfinnan

Open Season: Brown trout, Salmon and sea trout – March 17th to September 30th.

Angling controlled by the Cahir Angling Club starts from a point 200 m downstream of Cahir town to Garnavilla Ford. It is an excellent trout fishery. The river is broad at this point with a brisk flow and has an average depth of approximately one metre. The banks are quite safe and offer no hindrance, with access to the river for the purpose of wading being achieved quite easily.

Great quantities of rocks are placed around the river bed and they provide some very good cover for the trout. There is an excellent population of trout along this stretch some of which are up to 30 cm and more. The fishery extends from above the Swiss Cottage to Carrigataha on the right bank, and Garnaville on the left bank, and all anglers are restricted to fly only.

Shamrock Lodge is a private fishery that is located on the left bank upstream of Rochestown and it hosts some good fishing. Long shallow glides downstream of Rochestown,
contain stocks of trout of up to 30 cm.

Downstream to Ardfinnan, a deeper channel exists and contains moderate stocks of trout. The right bank is not particularly user friendly so caution must be exercised. During the summer evenings, this stretch is best fished using sedges, for trout which frequently exceed 30 cm.

Within that stretch 1km up-stream of Ardfinnan Village, Suir Valley Fisheries control the fishing on the left bank.

Ardfinnan Anglers Fishery stretches to a point 600 metres (approximately) up stream of Ardfinnan Bridge (R665) and extends downstream to Clocully. This fishery contains
excellent stocks of trout up to 30 cm.

Note: This map is an old one and doesn’t include the M8 Cork – Dublin Motorway that now runs from Cashel, through Cahir and on to Mitchelstown.

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Hatches & Flies on the River Suir

Insect hatches on the River Suir are prolific, with good hatches of BWO, sedges, spurwings and many other olives. The hatches have declined in recent years as with most rivers, however during warm balmy evenings the river and its tributaries come alive with trout.

The highlight of the angling season is the ‘Evening Rise‘ during the summer months from mid May until the end of August, From 7pm onwards, the river comes alive with spinner falls and hatches, for example in the earlier part of the evening the angler can encounter BWO duns, followed by some spinner action, and after that if conditions are right a hatch of sedge.

The Suir is a technical river to fish, with lots of slow pools and “slick” water with conflicting currents, making it hard to achieve a long drift. This adds to the mystery and beauty of the river, making the Suir a fascinating river to fish.

Five flies which we’d recommend in an angler’s box on this river are pictured below. They are CDC Emergers, Comparduns, Pheasant Tail Heads, Klinkhammer and Elk Hair Caddis. Having these flies in various sizes would cover most fishing situations. Where possible, local knowledge should be sought as to the correct fly to use.

Flies for Fishing on the Suir

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Fishing the Suir – New Bridge to Cahir

The River Suir from New Bridge to Knockacolla is a broad slow winding river with fast shallow glides, riffles and infrequent pools. It contains good stocks of trout up to 25cm. Approximately 6.5 km north of Cahir in the Ballydrehid /Knockacolla areas the combined Rivers Ara and Aherlow form a confluence with the River Suir.

The River Ara provides angling from above Killshane downstream to its confluence with the River Aherlow. The waters around the Killshane area and downwards are a series of glides, riffles and pools. From the village of Bansha (N24) downstream is a continuous glide, with some riffle areas and few pools. Overall this is an excellent angling stretch. With trout stretching in length up to 28 cm, one can have a quiet, enjoyable summers evening with a small fly rod, proper presentation and the right fly. The Ara Angling Club controls the waters of the River Ara.

The River Aherlow may be described as a spate river, which runs through the scenic Glen of Aherlow. It holds large numbers of trout up to 20 cm. The best angling sections are regarded in the upper stretches around the Galbally area, and the lower reaches downstream of Cappa Old Bridge.

The Aherlow Angling Club exists on the section from Rossadrehid to its confluence with the River Suir. The water from Knockacolla to Cahir consists of a deep channel, which contains limited numbers of good adult trout. Cahir and District Angling Club control the fishing on the right or west bank from Suir Castle to the Bakery Weir north of Cahir. Downstream of Cahir town for 200 m the fishing is not available at present. Cahir Angling waters continue from that point downstream.

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