Irish Walking Trips

Irish Walking Trips

Irish Walking Trips

Ireland, as you’re probably aware, is not a country of guaranteed sunshine – so we don’t do guaranteed sun, sea and beach type holidays. This is probably just as well because people coming to Ireland aren’t looking for them. As such, Irish weather, which tends to be a little on the unpredictable side, makes Irish walking trips very attractive and, consequently, walking is one of the major attractions to Ireland as a whole.

Irish Walking Trips – Not Weather Dependent

Luckily, the weather is largely irrelevant for a walking trip, which is one of the reasons why Irish walking trips are such an attraction to a worldwide audience. You always run the risk of getting a little wet, but as with everything else in Ireland, the rain is usually in moderation. We do get a lot of it, but it tends to be ‘soft rain’ which is easily combatted with some light rain gear. After that Irish walking trips are fairly easy to accommodate.

Irish Walking Trips – What’s the Attraction?

There are really too many reasons to mention why Irish walking trips are such an attraction – but we’ll have a stab at outlining a few. It’s got a lot to do with the elegant beauty of the Irish countryside, the easy-going nature of the people, the ‘craic’ – pronounced ‘crack’ but be careful with that one, the fact that you can do several completely different walks on differing terrain within just a few short miles of each other and the fact that Irish mountains, forests and countryside are just the most ideal places to walk on the planet.

Irish Walking Trips – Where do I Sign up?

There are a plethora of Irish walking trips that you can take on each and every year – many are annual events with walkers returning each year to participate. In 2013 we highly recommend you sign up for the St. Declan’s Way Gathering Walk which takes place from historic Cashel in Co. Tipperary to Ardmore in coastal Co. Waterford co-inciding with the Ardmore Pattern Festival. The walk will take place from July 24th to 28th. Book soon if you are interested as places are limited. Click on the link above for more information or click here to go straight to the booking page.

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