Walk at Baylough, Clogheen, Co. Tipperary.

Walks in the Knockmealdown Mountains, Tipperary

The Knockmealdown Mountain range offers a wonderful variety of walks of various lengths and difficulty levels. Below is a list of the trails listed with Sport Ireland.


Duck Pond Loop – 5.5km – Goatenbridge

Crough Loop – 4km – Goatenbridge




Sheep Hill Loop – 8.6km – Ballyporeen

Clogheen Loop – 7.9km – Clogheen

Liam Lynch Loop – 12km – Goatenbridge

Knockballiniry Loop – 6km – Goatenbridge

Knockroe Loop – 11km – Goatenbridge



Knockmealdown Trail – 30km – Ballyporeen to Newcastle

Knockmealdown Lakes Loop – 9km – Goatenbridge


St. Declan’s Way

St. Declan’s Way is an ancient Pilgrim Path and major walking route covering 104km from Cashel, Co. Tipperary, across the Knockmealdown Mountains, to Ardmore in Co. Waterford. You can find full details of the path at www.StDeclansWay.ie , where you will find information on upcoming organised walks of the path. You can find information on other Irish Pilgrim Paths at www.pilgrimpath.ie.

Other Walks in the Knockmealdown Mountains, Tipperary

If you are into hillwalking, or even a nice scenic walk along a tarmac road, then the world is your oyster all along the Knockmealdown Mountains running from Newcastle to Ballyporeen. All along the Knockmealdown mountain range is a hill walker’s dream with mountain trails, forestry tracks and mountain climbs in abundance. There are more walks than the average walker could handle even in an extended stay so, if it’s a walking holiday you’re looking for, then look no further. Contact one of the premises on our Accommodation page, book in for a few days and enjoy all this picturesque area has to offer.

We’re currently in the process of updating this page so check back regularly and we hope to have more information for you.

There are literally hundreds of walks to choose from and, if you spend some time here, you’ll come up with some of your own favourites. Here we’ll list a few, but do be aware that this is a mere drop in the ocean, there are plenty of walks for the beginner on the flat, or right up the Knockmealdown, Comeragh or Galtee Mountain ranges. Take your pick, there are walks for everyone and enough variety to fill your whole week with walks of sufficient variety to appease the appetite of even the most demanding walking enthusiasts.

See here for a list of up to date walking posts on the site.


Newcastle Walks

Thanks to the Forbairt Caisléan Nua na Siuire committee for the following four suggestions:

  1. Tullaghmeelan Walk
  2. Knockperry Walk
  3. Liam Lynch Memorial Walk (Newcastle) – From Newcastle, not the same as the Liam Lynch Loop from Goatenbridge, although both take in the monument.
  4. Deisc Walk


Goatenbridge Walks

These are both National Waymarked Trails (you’ll find post markers along the route to guide you):


Ballyporeen Walks

  • Gorteeshal Walk – Out the Araglin Road to the Right.
  • Lyrefune Walk – Out Araglin Road to the Left.

Clogheen Walks:

All these routes are mapped with Outdoor Active so you can download the chosen route to your phone. You’ll have to register for full route details, but it’s free.

  • Summerhill – nice gentle 7.13 Km walk out the Clonmel Road from Clogheen and into the countryside.
  • Shanrahan/Flemingstown – Araglin Road from Clogheen – part tarmac, part forestry track. 10km walk with a moderate climb to the summit. There is a very shallow water crossing.

Walks Around Baylough Lake:

There are several trails around Bay Lough Lake, on the Lismore/Cappoquin road from Clogheen. The most obvious is the trail to the lake accessed from the Waterford side via one easy to walk pathway from the car park. This walk is downhill to the lake and has a bearable incline on the return, so it is suitable for families. There are numerous other trails from Loughglenbridge, Kilballyboy Wood and Mount Anglesby on the Tipperary side which lead over the hill to the lake. It can also be accessed from the Sheep Pens on the Shanrahan to Araglin road, walking to the top of Knockshanahullion and onward to the lake from there.

You’ll find Bay Lough walks on Outdoor Active here.


Mount Melleray Abbey Walk

Mount Melleray Cross – On the other side of the Knockmealdown Mountains you’ll find a lovely 7Km walk to the Cross behind Mount Melleray Abbey.

Other Routes

The Tipperary Heritage Way – 56km route starting at the Vee gap

Mountain Views Reviews

Here are links to some peaks in the Knockmealdown Range:

If you are looking for a challenge, the highest peak in the range is Knockmealdown itself, behind Goatenbridge and Newcastle.

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