Activities available at the Knockmealdown Mountains, Tipperary

Knockmealdown Active

[col size=”one-half” position=”first” align=”left”]It’s all in the name of the organisation – we’re all about the vast range of activities in which people can engage while living in or visiting the Knockmealdown Mountain region of South Tipperary.

If you hold your cursor over the Active Tab above you’ll see a range of activities which caters for virtually every taste when it comes to keeping the mind and body fit and healthy.[/col]

[col size=”one-half” position=”last” align=”left”]If it’s outdoors and it can be done then you can do it in this area.  Football, hurling, soccer, walking, cycling, fishing, swimming, golf, hiking, camping, caravanning, tramping, yoga – you name it, it can be found somewhere along the Knockmealdowns.[/col]

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