River Suir Boating Event – Sunday June 29th 2014

River Suir Boating Event

River Suir Boating Event – Sunday June 29th 2014

On Sunday June 29th 2014 at 1.15pm a unique boating event will take place, with boats travelling from Cahir to Ardfinnan along the beautiful River Suir in Co. Tipperary.

Participants will paddle Canadian Canoes and Kayaks along the tranquil and beautiful river in a trip that will take 1.75 to 2 hours to complete.

The Suir is a very pleasant meandering river that is very easy for beginners to navigate and Canadian Canoes (large flat bottomed canoes) are also very conducive to learners – so all are welcome no matter what their level of experience with a canoe.

There will be fully trained guides on hand at all times and the river, in most places, is very shallow at this time of year.

The cost per person for this event is €25, payable online in advance. The cost covers:

  • Boats
  • Safety equipment
  • Trained guides & Cahir River Rescue on standby
  • Bus transfer from Ardfinnan back to Cahir to the start point
  • BBQ on the Green in the centre of Ardfinnan at the end of the event

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Participants must bring any meals, snacks and drinks they require during the event. We are limited to 30 canoes and 20 kayaks, so please do book as soon as possible to ensure that you don’t miss out.

Participants are asked to be in Ardfinnan for 1.15pm on Sunday, June 29th for bus pickup.

You will need to decide before you book whether you wish to use a Canadian Canoe or a Kayak. Essentially, Canadian Canoes are large flat bottomed canoes that are easy to navigate and, thus ideal for those without previous canoeing experience. Kayak’s need a little more expertise and experience, but are faster and more nimble than Canadian Canoes. If in doubt, go for the Canadian Canoe.

All Canadian Canoes take two participants whereas Kayaks can be either single or double manned – both types are available and will be allocated on the basis of experience on the day of the event in Cahir.

Note: Booking Closes at 6pm on Friday June 27th so that we can calculate numbers for bus transport.

If you have any queries contact John Egan on johnegan@stdc.ie, 087 055 6465 or 0504 56053.

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