World’s Best Hiking Destinations

World's Best Hiking Destinations

World’s Best Hiking Destinations

The world has many, many fantastic hiking destinations. Here in the Golden Vale we like to think that the Knockmealdown Mountains is among the elite of the world’s best hiking destinations.

You won’t yet find it listed among the world’s best hiking destinations on any book or website that we know of, but that may all change in the very near future. The area is being seen for the wonderful walks, climbs and unspoilt amenities it possesses. So now is a great time to visit. Get in before the secret that is the Knockmealdown Mountains in South Tipperary and West Waterford is known far and wide. Be one of those that can say they walked the fantastic and famous Knockmealdown Mountains before they became ‘the place to be’ when it comes to mountain hiking activities. It is truly among the world’s best hiking destinations. 14 mountains worth of wonderful climbs along with absolutely spectacular scenery to the Golden Vale, the Vee Valley and down to the coastline to the sea in Waterford.

Please feel free to browse around the site and see some of our Walks (not for the dedicated hiker, but a nice selection of walks for those who just like a ramble through the mountains and foot-hills on pre-defined trails.)

World’s Best Hiking Destinations – Where to Eat and Stay

All the world’s best hiking destinations depend on an excellent selection of accommodation and food. Man does not live on bread alone – but it helps – the Knockmealdown Mountain Region is no different. Along with being one of the world’s best hiking destinations, we believe that this is also one of the worlds best destinations for food and drink. Take a look at our Dine page for a list of your refreshment options all along the Knockmealdown Mountain region. If you want to stay over for a day or two, and we can pretty much guarantee you will, then you’ll need to have a look at our accommodation page.

World’s Best Hiking Destinations – Come See Us Now

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